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Domain Typo Management


The background of Domain Typo Management

The basis of each Internet presence is the domain name. In some cases, this name is not as unambiguous as a phone number or a postal address. Domain names, which often are based on a brand or a company name, may be entered erroneously. A frequent consequence is that your potential customer gets an error message and may not return to your Web site. Or worse, a domain grabber has registered this domain name and launched a Web site with offers from your competitors which lures potential customers away from your Internet presence or may even induce them to buy competing products.


You can avoid this misunderstanding at a low cost thanks to Domain Typo Management.


How does Domain Typo Management work?

If you book at least five additional domains within the framework of our Domain Typo Management Service, our product manager will advise you for free on further measures to be taken. Otherwise, this service will cost you CHF 80.–.


As a rule, we find 5 to 10 possible domain names which can be booked in addition to your portfolio. This corresponds to supplementary expenditures of ca. CHF 200.– per year. These costs are negligeable compared to the cost caused by inaccurate or non-existent Typo Management.


A case study

Several Swiss political parties launched a Web site to support the yes campaign for a political proposal and to spread their arguments to the large public. The domain was registered as (with hyphen). The opposition got to know this, found out that the domain (without hyphen) hadn't been registered yet, and used this to its advantage by establishing a similar site under this address promoting of course their counter-arguments.


In the aftermath legal action was taken, the parties went to court, injunctions were released, etc. All this could have been avoided by registering an additional second domain name for only CHF 16.– per year. Not to mention the huge damage to the image of the yes campaign.


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