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FAQ means “frequently asked questions”. In case of a problem, before sending us an e-mail, please read first these “FAQ”. Maybe you'll find the answer to your question (this page is continuously updated):


Questions and answers


Information on the ordering of domain names

In order that we can register the desired domain name, we ask you to set it up in our systems. The booking of a domain parking (free of cost) or of new shared hosting can be carried out via our Web site The pointing is carried out directly in the Hosting Control Center of the respective shared hosting area.


If the domain name hasn't been stored in our system, the registration at our registrar will fail. Furthermore, we need your complete address as well as your phone number and e-mail address.

Please note that companies must indicate a contact person.

  • Change of address for .com, .net, .org, etc..:

    In order to modify the address, we need the form "Change of address". As soon as we receive the completed and signed form, the address data will be adapted. Please note that we will charge a fee for this service according to our price list.

  • Change of holder for .com, .net, .org, etc.:

    In order to have the permission to transfer the domain name to a new holder, we need the consent of both parties. To this end, you get the form "Change of holder domain name" as a PDF in order to authorize the change of holder. The change of holder entails a fee per domain name according to our price list. As soon as we get the completed and signed form, we will adapt the address data.

  • Change of address/holder for .de, .eu, .be, .at:

    Please contact us, because there are different forms needed according to the desired domain.


  • Registration of .eu domain:

    In order to register an .eu domain you need to be domiciled in an EU country. For this reason, we ask you to indicate a valid address in an EU country. Don't forget to give us a phone number (with prefix) and an e-mail address.

  • Registration of a .de domain:

    In order to register an .de domain you need to be domiciled in Germany. If you don't dispose of a German address, our registrar can serve you a so-called "trustee". Please check our price for the fees. Don't forget to indicate a phone number (with prefix) and an e-mail address.


  • Transfer of .com, .net, .org, .info and others:

    For domain names with certain endings (.com, .info, .biz) we need the "authcode" or the "authinfo" in order to launch the change of provider. Given that only the domain holder knows this authcode, it is designed to ensure that no unwarranted take-over can take place. This doesn't mean that your provider discloses automatically the authcode to you. You must ask specifically for the authcode. Often the authcode is only disclosed to you after you have cancelled the domain name. The request for the code must be made at the current registrar.

  • Transfer of .de, .eu and .at:

    In order that we can commission the transfer, we necessitate the completed form "KK order" by fax (+41 (0)842 321 123). Please communicate the fax number of your current registrar to us, so that we can inform him of the impeding transfer. Please set up your domain prior to the transfer to our systems.

Domain status

  • "Transfer prohibited"

    The new registration of domain name entails a blocking period of three months which makes a transfer impossible. In the meantime you can arrange for the adaptation of the name servers at your current registrar. You find the necessary technical data here: Click here

  • «Registrar lock»

    The registrar can set the domain name to this status. As a consequence, the domain cannot be transferred or erased. In order that we can transfer the domain to our registrar, the current registrar has to remove the "registrar lock" status. Please contact your registrar directly to
    this end.