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Green Partner Program


Attractive partner models:
Creating added-value together for our customers

Genotec joined the Group in 2012. We are delighted to offer you new and attractive partner models which you can use both for Genotec and services. Whether you promote our Standard Services or Service Projects, or work as an independent reseller, with a partner agreement you enjoy an optimal level of care and profit financially.

Agent Reseller

Standard services agent

  • Actively sell all standard services such as DSL, webhosting or e-mail
  • Register online and, as a partner, immediately place orders for your customers over the web portal
  • Receive a commission for each subscription sold
  • Receive other attractive commission benefits as a Gold or Platinum partner
  • Your expertise is selling standard services; we take care of support and invoicing

Wholesale reseller

  • Become an Internet service provider without having to invest in infrastructures
  • Sell standard services such as DSL, webhosting or e-mail under your own brand name
  • Use White Label services with advantageous discounts on our list prices and define your own margin
  • Self-managed subscriptions around the clock with our wholesale reseller portal order, manage, deactivate, cancel subscriptions and query the status
  • You take care of first level support and invoicing; we provide you with second level support in the background

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More details

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