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SSL certificate for your domain

By using a "128-Bit SSL certificate", you make sure that all your data are sent encrypted from your Web site to the Web browsers of your visitors.


An own certificate makes sense, particularly if you need to secure sensitive areas of your domain, for example shopping cart or billing applications.


Hosting at Genotec encompasses already the
joint use of the Genotec certificate for "" URLs.


What is an SSL certificate?

You would never send a letter in a transparent envelope because everybody could read its content. The same applies to data which are transmitted electronically. Everybody which some basic knowledge in the field can read them... except if you use an SSL certificate.


On the following page you can learn what such
a certificate is exactly and how it works!



How "authentication" works

Now it will become somewhat more technical, but not absolutely incomprehensible.


Just imagine you get an envelope without return address but with a form where to insert your bank details. Every SSL certificate is issued for a particular server within a particular domain for a verified company. Still interested?





Order SSL for Unix

If you have chosen Shared Hosting under Unix, you can order your SSl certificate directly and easily via your own HCC (Hosting Control Center) .

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Order SSL for Windows

If you'd like an SSL certificate for your Windows Shared Hosting, we ask you to launch a corresponding request by means of our ticketing system.




  • 128-Bit SSL certificate:
    CHF 99.– incl. VAT per year
  • Setup fee:
    CHF 45.– incl. VAT once